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Continuing My Previous Train Of Thought

Continuing My Previous Train Of Thought

May 20, 2013 4:32 amComments are Disabled

It’s a process. You won’t get this “right” anymore than anything else you approach through the eyes and mind of ambition. Simply being as you are, won’t be accomplished just because you intellectually choose it. However, if you hold in your mind that your goal is to serve yourself in being happy, in influencing others in positive ways, and in following what you really care about — eventually you’ll begin to act those feelings and thoughts out.

Be yourself, seriously, because those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter. The only one whose opinion of you matters is, yours. You’ll build character and happiness by focusing on that, not the frets, strings, or chords you play.

I write music, and I’m not very good, but what I do play is sincere, and that moves people. People say “Nice job, you are good” — I’m good, because I’m me, not because my music is better than others they’ve heard.

My priority is happiness, to express myself in my writing, and to sing the songs I want to sing. I don’t care if someone plays better than me, or sings better than me. I care about the simple joy I get from experiencing the process that is writing and performing my music.

People who write better than me exist, and I love listening to them, if their music is sincere and speaks to me. I learn from them, and who I am grows. I envy them, but only in the way a child envies an adult who can reach a door knob. I know I’ll grow in my own time to open the doors, and I love that.

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