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My Relationships

My Relationships

engaged-4-1545073Just the other day I was explaining to my friend that in most of my relationships I feel basically like I am confused and not positive about what I should do. Most relationships I’m sure are like that but it always bugs me because I don’t know if I’m supposed to talk about certain things or not. There are always those situations where you can talk to your social network or whatever but I think that for certain topics you actually have to talk to your girlfriend about them. But it’s those kinds of things that I never know how to bring up. It is likely that many people feel this way, too. I actually found couple sites where people were mentioning some of the issues I had.

Apparently people think that there are certain ways you’re supposed to handle relationships. But people often get those incorrect, well, not incorrect, but it might be better to say that there are nicer ways of handling them. I don’t think that I am necessarily dealing with everything I’ve read, but it’s good to know that this kind of thing exists due to the amount of people that seem to be curious about this stuff.

Part of it is learning to let your partner feel appreciated. I know that I have been in relationships where I didn’t feel appreciated and I hated it. I want to be sure that the person I’m with does as well. Because this is a scenario I’ve been in it’s important to me that I try to keep it from happening, and I know that sometimes when you are fighting the other person can feel like they aren’t admired thus leading to questioning their self worthiness. Although I think it’s important to be aware of the feelings the other person may be having and take into account how the things you do can factor into things, but this is something that you probably want to do before you get into that type of conversation anyway.

Essentially, this is the kind of thing I have been trying to get better at because I want to make sure that moving forward I am not doing anything I shouldn’t be. Many of the people I’ve spent time with don’t really seem to be interested in doing anything other than what is best for them, but that doesn’t mean it is what I need.

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